N1QL Support in CouchBase Server

I would like to know which version of Couch Base Server supports N1QL?

I understand there are two different Editions (Enterprise and Community). I would like to know also which version supports Stable N1QL for both Editions?

Thanks for the Quick Response.

N1QL will be part of Couchbase Server 4.0 (CE and EE), which is currently in BETA (and so is N1QL, there is no “Stable/GA” version yet).

Note: It is recommended you preview N1QL with the 4.0 beta, but in case you’d want to preview it with a 3.x version it is maybe still possible to find N1QL DP4 (developer preview 4, a quite older revision) that runs as a separate process.

You can download Couchbase Beta 4.0 HERE http://www.couchbase.com/preview/couchbase-server-4-0