Is it possible to use this in .net client ? i downloaded the latest 1.2.9 and i do not see any special API.



Guy -

The .NET does not support N1QL at the moment. However, we do have plans for 2.0 version of the .NET which will include N1QL support, most likely through a LINQ syntax.



Any update on the LINQ provider for N1QL? Are there any plans to release it in the near future?

We are keen to use Couchbase in the forthcoming release of our large scale web portal if it supports LINQ based queries.

Currently, your Couchbase LINQ provider does not support querying based on non-primary (non-index) fields in the WHERE condition and hence N1QL seem a very good choice for us.

Pl let us know if there are any updates on the LINQ provider for N1QL.