Namespace support?


Is is possible to run the operator in one k8s namespace and a cluster in another namespace? When I try this, the cbopctl create -f cluster.yaml (with a metadata.namespace defined in my yaml), the operator returns ‘couchbaseclusters “cb-demo” created’, but the cb-demo cluster never appears. The operator logs show nothing.

Is there a way to increase the log level of the operator?


The operator and the cluster have to be run within the same namespace.

You can get additional logging from operator by adding the ‘-log-level’ arg to the operator spec… ie:
- -create-crd
- -enable-upgrades=false
- -log-level=debug

Couchbase Autunomous Operator - Namespace support?

Same problem here. I added the “- -log-level=debug” but the log level does not increase.

The only thing I see in the logs when I try to create the cluster with a different namespace is:

E0910 09:20:47.143936 1 streamwatcher.go:109] Unable to decode an event from the watch stream: stream error: stream ID 93; INTERNAL_ERROR


When you change log level you will also need to redeploy the operator.
Also, if you’ve been using an earlier version of the operator you’ll
need to move to the 1.0 image - image: couchbase/operator:1.0.0

I’m not sure about the ‘stream error’ here, but if you can open a separate ticket
with some additional logging via cbopinfo we can look into it: