Native NuGet package


May we have native nuget package published to repository? it is very convenient way to update your solution once the new version is released


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Do you mean .NET native? For the .NET SDK, we don’t have a date yet for this. I created a ticket to track it, though: We are also investigating changing the underlying SDK dependencies to DNX. Once again, no date for that ATM; here is the ticket:



Nope, by native I mean unmanaged. In this particular case, your C libcouchbase.
More about native NuGet packages


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Ok, @mnunberg can speak to that!



According to, it seems to be quite a handful. At this point it’s probably not a priority, however I’ll be glad to provide assistance (from the library side) if you want to try and create your own package.


Here is a general .autopkg file for the most recent vc11 runtime 2.5.6 version of the CSDK. One thing I had to do was merge the x86 and amd64 zips into one folder structure. lib_x86 and bin_x86 were created under a parent folder.
I leave it to the couchbase team to put in more accurate stuff. I intend to use this template internally in our own nuget repo.