Need Couchbase 2.5.0 debian package for installation


We are looking for download links for Couchbase Server 2.5.0 debian package so that we can set it up on Ubuntu. We have decade old applications still reliant on 2.5 version which we still need to support. I tried finding it and am not getting any. It will be great if anyone can help me out here.

Thanks in advance

It looks like Couchbase 2.5.0 was only released in Enterprise Edition, so you should have a support contract to be using it. That being the case, you should reach out to your Couchbase support contact to get access to the downloads. Of course 2.5.0 is long since EOL, but they should be able to tell you where to get the downloads. If there’s any confusion tell them to contact me directly (Chris Hillery).