.Net SDK Multi-Cluster Active Active


My team is working on evaluating various database technologies for a new project. The server infrastructure would be located in two geographically separated data centers, east coast and west coast. Each data center will also host a .Net Core application. The local application should connect to the regional data center database infrastructure, unless that cluster fails then it should fail over to the other datacenter. Basically this is an active active setup. It is my understanding that this functionality is supported in Java, but cannot find support for it in the .Net SDK. it looks like the multi-cluster support was introduced in 2018. So is anyone doing an active active setup in .Net? If so did you have to roll your own auto fail over across clusters? Does anyone know if Couchbase shares the SDK roadmaps?


Hello @Johnny.Schmid

Thank you for your interest in considering and evaluating Couchbase.
Multi Cluster Awareness is a SDK feature that is only available to Enterprise subscribers at the moment. Like you had rightly mentioned this is currently not available on the .NET platform.

We have a target to add Multi-Cluster Awareness for .NET later this year. That is, of course, subject to change as we evaluate requests and other work.

Regarding the roadmap, we do project what is happening with the next 60 days or so in JIRA, which you can see in the NCBC releases after logging in (JIRA itself requires login, we try to make it as public as possible). That said, since this is, in effect, a new product you wouldn’t see Multi-Cluster Awareness there.

I might recommend, if you’re interested in a longer roadmap, that you get in touch with your Couchbase representatives. They can help with roadmap and further tracking and prioritizing this request.