.Net To CouchBase - Getting null on Get Request


I am new with CouchBase. Just doing a simple Get Request but getting null on request


Request from client
var client = new CouchbaseClient();
var savedBeer = client.Get(“new_holland_brewing_company-sundog”);

Log from CouchBase Server
GET /default/all_docs?skip=0&include_docs=true&limit=6&=1411155348104 200

I am seeing value of savedBeer is null.

What is 1411155348104 200 ?

Do you guys know what I am doing wrong? Need more info?


Hi -

It looks like your connecting to the default bucket in your configuration, but your trying to read from the beer-samples bucket? Also, make sure you have the beer-sample bucket installed if your intending to read from it: login into management console and then Settings->Sample Buckets->beer-sample.