New to couchbase world

I am new to couchbase world and still in process of learning , but had 2 quick questions just wanted to check

  1. Is there any mechanism available in couchbase where i get notified if a new data gets entered in Bucket ? A kind of a asynchronous listener in place of polling continuously .
  2. Is there a alternative to an Oracle Sequence so that my multiple jvm’s can query any of the couchbase node and i could get a unique number

Apologize , as these are basic questions but i am still learning and wanted to have a look at the solution provided by couchbase for above scenario’s

Any pointer would be of great help.


  1. You can use one of our integrations to watch for changes. For example Kafka Connector or Spark Connector.

  2. Couchbase itself does not maintain this automatically, but you can implement that using atomic increment on some key in the bucket.