No lines On the Graphics

I’m using couchbase CE 4.0 with a 3 server cluster.
On server 1 everything is ok, on server 2 and 3 i can’t view any lines on the graphics.

In the image its possible to see that there are get per sec., but no line on the top graphic.

Any ideas?


I had this problem on machine, which configured as Query Server :-).

Did you manage to solve this?

No, only i changed the admin console machine address, for example --> data,index --> data --> Query
I changed url from to :wink:

I have seen this in the past where the time is not in sync between the nodes.

Can you check this and verify the graphs again?

I have data/query in all cluster machines.

Server 1 has a little diference in time from server 2 and 3.
How do you solve this problem?

Hi @rafael.felix,
pls try “sudo apt-get install ntp” followed by “ntpd -q” on each node. nodes and AWS or Azure are known to skew clocks quite often.