No "setIncludeDocs" support in Java 2.1 client


I’m trying to upgrade our codebase from 1.4 to 2.1 and our code leverages “setIncludeDocs” which is not in the new ViewQuery. The first non-workaroundable-issue I’ve found, but I’m just getting started in this sea of red.



We recognized that it was missing so it has been added back in the upcoming 2.2.0 version. There is a developer preview 2 out there if you want to start developing against it, but you’d want to wait for GA before going into production.

This other blog also shows what was new in the first developer preview.

What is your setup, cluster-wise? (cb versions, number of nodes, etc…)
Are you planning on switching to Couchbase Server 4.0, and if so to use N1QL?

(note that APIs around N1QL are still being changed between said dp2 and the GA).

If you don’t plan on using the 2.2.0 SDK (although you should), or are not comfortable enough with a developer preview version, you can use the async API with a flatMap(asyncViewRow -> asyncViewRow.document())


Thanks for this info! This is excellent. The EntityDocument looks like it could solve a bunch of my issues, but it doesn’t support Map / List. Is there an ETA on that?

We’ve got several clusters. One is still 2.5.2 and everything else is 3.1 Nodes per cluster vary between 2 and 4. We do plan on using N1QL, assuming good performance… We are not using N1QL yet.