No suport parameter operator in MatchQuery

SDK no suport add parameter

operator: ‘and’

MatchQuery for default use or i need use and

SDK 3.2
Couchbase 7
So ubuntu 20

Hi @nelsonxx1 - We have a ticket to add this feature. You can track it here. The option/feature should be available in the near future. In the interim, you should be able to use the RawQuery query type the SDK provides. The RawQuery type can be used in cases such as these (i.e. pending a new feature to be implemented).

Example usage:

query_args = {"match":"north south", "field":"description", "fuzziness":2, "operator":"and"}
result = cluster.search_query(
    "sample-search-index", search.RawQuery(query_args), SearchOptions(limit=10))

I hope this helps.