Node configuration: how to add a Query/Index Service Node?


I am migrating from CB3.0 to CB4.0.
In the documentation it is stated that for MDS advantages and for best performance, Query and Index Services should be separated from the Data Service.
I have my data nodes ready and now i would like to add a new node that will run Index Service only and another one that will run Query Service only.
When trying to add a new node, the only possibilities i got are creating a Data node or creating a data-query-index node (all 3 services).
Why can’t i add a these nodes as i desire? Am i missing something?


Hello Eyalrubichi,
Are you using the Enterprise version?


No, currently I am using the community edition


The ability to independently scale services with MDS (multi-dimensional scaling)
is an Enterprise edition capability. You can use homogeneous scaling with Community edition. That is, add all services to each node.

If you are looking to test performance ans scale, keep in mind community edition does not comes with a number of performance and scale features like this one I mentioned.
There is a full list of differences here.

The process is fairly simple to get to full homogeneous scaling with all services running on all nodes: You will need to do a rolling upgrade

  • Failover/Remove a node and Rebalance
  • Add the node in but this time check all services in the Add Node Dialog.
  • Repeat for each node.