Node SDK Acid Transaction Examples/API documentation

We are migrating to 6.5 and have use cases for Acid transactions.

I’m having difficulty finding any examples or API documentation for using them in Node.

Can you please either point me to some, or else let me know where precisely in the source code I can look to figure it out myself, of course the former is much, much preferable to the latter.

(I don’t see anything in the release notes mentioning transactions; does the sdk support them? Ctrl-f ‘transaction’ returns no results here:

Please help.

Hey @naftali,

Unfortunately the Node.js SDK does not currently have transactions support. We are hoping to add support for Node.js in the next year, but the plans are still in flux. We currently offer support in Java and C++ will be available soon.

Cheers, Brett

thanks for you response @brett19.

certainly rain on our parade.

didn’t consider that the shiny wouldn’t be supported in the sdk at launch.

I suppose we could use the c++ via node plugin.

Any rough estimate for when that will be available? Are we talking weeks, months or a year?

C++ will be available in a few months (can’t provide exact timeframe but < 6 months).

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