Node Version 18.15.0: Connection error: 'LCB_ERR_SSL_ERROR (1002): A generic error related to the SSL subsystem was encountered

It worked with node 14.15.0, and the couchbase SDK version is 3.1.0.
Once we upgrade the node version to 18.15.0, while start the server, it throws this error: ‘LCB_ERR_SSL_ERROR (1002): A generic error related to the SSL subsystem was encountered. Enable logging to see more details’
It looks like the cert is incorrect, it same cert works for node 14.15.0, anybody met this issue and could help with it?

Hi @Fujing1, and a warm welcome to the forums!

The Node SDK 3.x does not support Node.js 18.x, you can find the compatiblity docs here - The Node SDK is built and tested on Node.js versions 10.x, 12.x and 14.x.

More specifically, if you see our SDK v3.1.0 releases page, you will find the binaries we provide with the indicated Node ABI versions, which correspond to the ABI versions found under the NODE_MODULE_VERSION column on the Node.js previous releases page, which in the case of SDK v3.1 is ABI 64, 72, 79 and 83.

Thank you Matt.
So it may be not related to the openssl version, right? I will check and try to upgrade the node SDK.
Without TLS, I am able to connect the couchbase in node 18 by SDK 3.x.

It is possible, there could be a range of unexpected behaviour since it is an untested configuration, as you say, it is best to upgrade and see if the issue persists.

I hope that helps - do let us know how it goes :smile: