Nodejs v0.11


Just wondering about the availability of a build for nodejs v0.11 I have tried to compile the client driver for it and it fails to work. Your documentation says v0.8 and higher but i do not think this is correct. I was able to successfully build on node v0.10.21

The reason for wanting v0.11 is the support of javascript generators.


Node.js 0.11 uses a version of v8 that has some major changes in it, and is still undergoing a lot of active development. Due to these facts, it does not currently build, and we are waiting for 0.11 development to stabilize before adding support.
Cheers, Brett


Have you guys ever thought of using something like


After a cursory glance this looks like it would help with a number of things! Thanks so much for pointing that out.
P.S. I can’t wait for generators either.
Cheers, Brett


With some further looking (and about 4 hours of attempting), it appears that nan isn’t going to be useful to us as we use a lot of v8 things directly to handle network communication with Couchbase clusters. Sorry! Hopefully they will stabilize 0.11 soon and we can do this properly.
Cheers, Brett


I have just completed the addition of node v0.11 support. It is available right away through my fork of Couchnode here: and should be included in the next release of Couchnode which should be released on the first tuesday of December!
Cheer, Brett