Non-Admin Access to Query Web UI

We have a new Data Engineer resource on the team. She will not be managing the Couchbase cluster, but will be writing queries. Is there a way to enable non-admin access to the Query editor in the Couchbase Admin console?

The Read-Only user works great for viewing the settings, but the “Query” tab is disabled for the web user. RBAC permissions don’t appear to grant access to the Web UI.

you can use administrator user to add user with the following role

Query Select[default], 
Query Update[default], 
Query Insert[default], 
Query Delete[default], 
Query Manage Index[default]

on the Security tab.

then this user login in the console,he can query default bucket with Select/Update/Insert/Delete/Index
you can set the suitable role as you want.

What version of Couchbase are you running? As @atom_yang notes, there is fine-grained role-based access control in version 5.0. For 4.5, the query workbench is, unfortunately, limited to users with the Cluster Manager role.