Non-admin logins for Web Console



I’m evaluating Couchbase for a project and I’ve put a cluster together running on EC2 but oddly I’ve found that it doesn’t look like you can create non-admin users for the Web Console. I found an old Jira for the same requirement which was closed as a dupe in 2012 but the capability doesn’t seem to be there. have I missed it?

Considering SASL auth has been implemented at a bucket level it would be ideal if this could be extended to allow bucket credentials to be used to log in to the web console and that user restricted to a view of the bucket.

The main use case for this is for devs to see and play with the docs in the bucket but not have access to the admin functions. Does anyone know if this is on a roadmap or if I’ve missed the point and there’s another way/tool to allow devs to play with their bucket please let me know.



I’m looking forward to this one too