Not able to get all rows returned from Couchbase View

@vinod you are right though, the toString() method on ViewQuery doesn’t output the keys…

Since the keys is the only parameter that can be large enough to make a switch from GET to POST necessary, we didn’t include them in toString to not risk a too large string dump.

However, I think we can at least show a boolean flag in toString that says if the keys is set or not. I created JCBC-838 to track that.

Note that we don’t really keep the list around, but rather directly store is as a JSON string to pass it to the view engine as is, so we can’t conditionally dump it depending on its number of keys…

To more exhaustively dump a ViewQuery, you’d have to call both toString() and getKeys().

:thumbsup: glad you found how to make your query work :slight_smile:

@simonbasle, Thanks Simon for tracking this.

Now I am using both toString() and getKeys() to display my all input parameters.

Having a very similar issue here… inclusiveEnd() seems to help, but I’m basically trying to delete every key that a view returns in a batched process.

I always get the correct value for totalRows(), but I am certainly not getting data back in a consistent manner.

Very often, the rows are empty when data is expected. Making the same query from the command line (taking what the debugger shows for the parameters), of course the data shows up…

ViewQuery query = ViewQuery.from(DD_NAME, VIEW_NAME);

I have tried using skip() to skip the # I’ve deleted and that seemed to help, but that does not reliably account for data that gets inserted while this operation is going on. I’ve also experimented with Stale.UPDATE_AFTER (expecting to not need to use skip), but again, odd behaviors.

I suspect that my issues are mainly around the fact that I’m doing deletions…

Using Stale.FALSE of course makes it all work properly. Certainly not ideal, however.

Had a similar problem - forgot to publish the view and wasted half a day. Thanks for your comment - that sorted it for me!

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