Not able to install couchbase server on Ubuntu server



Im not able to install couchbase server. im getting following issue.


I think you have a bad file name.

Could you do
`# ls -lah
in the download folder and share.


Can you please help me on this issue. i have been facing from 1 week onwards.



Looks like you did not download the file to install CB.

  1. I normally go to the
  2. Pick the CB build that I want and download it to my local computer.
  3. After its done I go to the download history page in my web browser. It will tell me what url that the download came from
  4. I copy that url link of the download.
  5. I then got to my terminal and type #wget and push enter.
  6. After download and then you can try using
    #dpkg -i {couchbase-download-file}.deb