Observe on delete


I’m trying to delete a key from a bucket and then get all the keys using a view. Problem is that delete key is there. Apparently I get the deleted key because because views read from the disk and there is lag to delete the key on disk.
What I’m really looking for is to find a way to observe delete transaction using c#.


There is an ExectuteRemove overload that supports durability checks (i.e., observe). For example, to remove a key and make sure it’s been removed from disk on the master node for that key, add PersistTo.One as a parameter.
In the .NET Sample app I demonstrate this exact problem - https://github.com/couchbaselabs/beer-sample-net/blob/master/src/Couchba… Though I see now that I need to update the remove API docs. I’ll do that after posting this reply.
client.ExecuteRemove(“foo”, PersistTo.One)