Obsolete Properties in Pool Configuration


When setting up pool configuration for the Couchbase .NET client, there are two possible constructors for the PoolConfiguration class. The first has a single ClientConfiguration parameter and the second has parameters for various timeout variables. Looking at the definitions for all of these timeout variables, we found that both the Receive and Operation timeout properties are obsolete. However, these properties are required as parameters for Pool Configuration.

Is there a reason why these parameters are still required if they’re obsolete? Are they being used anywhere?


@pdavis -

Simply for backwards compatibility; we follow semver and removing them in a patch or minor version could break consumers. Anything marked as obsolete will likely be removed in the next major.

Other than that, internally they don’t appear to be used anywhere except for in some tests.



That makes sense, so whatever value is sent in for these variables won’t make any difference?


@pdavis -

Correct, it shouldn’t.