Openshift single Pod deploy


While trying to instantiate a single-pod (without the openshift operator running in my cluster) I get the following error whenever trying to configre the CB cluster inside my pod:

couchbase-cli cluster-init -c --services data,index,query --cluster-username <admin_user> --cluster-password <admin_pwd>
ERROR: Unable to connect to host at

My goal is to instantiate and setup a single Pod as server on my CI so I don’t want to use the full Operator solution for such a simple usecase.

Thank you,

Hi @Rodrigo_Broggi, Are you trying to create a single-node Couchbase cluster in OpenShift? For running a single-node Couchbase container you can follow the instructions here


Dear @anil,

That’s exactly what I was trying to do. I’ve already used the link ‘plain docker’ approach but now I was trying to really instantiate a single node couchbase cluster in openshift and while trying to translate the docker command above to a single Pod definition I was facing rhe error I’ve pasted above.

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