Operator 2.0 - restart machine - cluster running but cluster pods are Completed

New 2.0 install, power failure restarted the server, but the cluster is not running:

  • cluster reports running (kubectl get coucbhaseclusters)
  • pods reports 2 pods, both in Completed status
  • operator and operator-admission show running

I’m new to the kubernetes couchbase operator, so not sure why the pods aren’t running, and how to get them back up.
kubectl get deployments just shows the operator, so I can’t use that to start things up again, can seem to scale or rollout, so not sure what to do.

Your two options are… delete the CouchbaseCluster and recreate it… or upgrade to 2.1 (to be released very very very soon). I’ve seen this from users far too many times so decided to rearchitect the Operator to be more friendly to people tuning their laptops off and the like.

appreciate that, thanks!

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I appreciate the feedback, all the best suggestions come from real customers, never automated testing that does the same thing over and over :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!