Oracle to Couchbase

Very simple question . How can I migrate few tables from Oracle to couchbase without using a third party tool like Talend ?
I was looking for couple of threads where somebody suggested to use GoldenGateAdapter whereas in other place suggested to use a undocumented open source java library to move the data. We don’t have GoldenGate and other undocumented library not working and throwing class exceptions and that could be because of the CB version.
Do we have any clear documentation or code or library how can we move the data ?


Take a look at this blog.


Thank you @binh.le . Very comprehensive and that is what we are looking for .
Few questions to you : This REST API process vs cbimport (assuming that export was done in csv from Oracle) or oracle2couchbase (utility written by Manuel Hurtado, Solutions Engineer, Couchbase ) :
among all three process what do you suggest for TB’s of data move from oracle to CB … Its 700 Billions records.

There are some limitations to the N1Q L Curl and Oracle REST api approach, and that is the limit of 64MB with the N1QL Curl. There are ways to get around this by doing this incrementally with Oracle OFFSET and FETCH NEXT. However, I would not recommend this approach with large volume of data, as I had stated in the blog.

What the approach in the blog highlights is the ability to use N1QL to transform the data, as you migrate into Couchbase.


@binh.le Thanks and yes that perfectly make sense .