OttomanJS hanging due to JSON object containing "type" value

I’m running a modified version of Ottoman to change the “" values out to non "” values ("_id" and “_type”).

The ottoman version we forked from is 1.0.11.

We have a model that contains a “Mixed” type which contains a JSON object. The problem arises when ottoman attempts to load this mixed content index as a model because at the top level it contains an index called “type”. There are already about 1100 documents with this model configuration and I have one specific use case that I want to read this model from I’m trying not to have to modify the database content for this one reason, but I understand if it’s the only option I have.

My question is, is there is a way to specify either at query time or in the model definition that it shouldn’t try to load the data value as a model?

My solution currently is to make the queries I need directly from the NodeJS SDK. I’m still curious if there is a way in Ottoman to circumvent the model loading attempt on the “Mixed” type., any insight is appreciated.

Hello @kennyL welcome to the forums.

Glad to see that you are using Ottoman. I know this may not help you with the current challenge you are facing. But Ottoman team is working on Ottoman V2 which is tentatively targeted to go GA end of January. Mixed type will be moved over as well, you can see the activity here.