Outdated misguiding couchbase-blogs still active

While studying Couchbase 6.0 Documentation i search the string “Couchbase vs Hadoop” on google.com and found out this outdated article which compares the capability of backdated versions of Couchbase with Hadoop and Storm.
Link to Article: https://blog.couchbase.com/modern-big-data-hadoop/

As most of business people do not have much time to search date of an article on a blog, so it becomes misguiding for them. An example of which is last two comments on the article made in 2019.

The blog says, Couchbase is purposed only for “Data Velocity” but not “Information Velocity” as defined below:

There are three big data challenges:

  1. The amount of data being generated, data volume.
  2. The rate at which data is being generated, data velocity.
  3. The rate at which information must be generated, information velocity.

According to y analysis, Couchbase 6.0 Analytics, Search and Quersy Service satisfy all of the three use-cases defined above.

Please, remove this article from blog and any such misleading articles.