Overcoming Couchbase non-root install downsides?


I am trying to find out how to overcome the downsides of non-root couchbase install? I went through the below URL and found the downsides. Are there ways to overcome those.

Is it a strict no in production environments to install couchbase as non-root user? Even after this if we install it, will it be supported by couchbase in case of any issues or not

Thank you.

The non-root install instructions can be somewhat misleading. Couchbase by default , runs as a non-root user - specifically the user couchbase - this is pretty standard for most *ix applications.

Root is only required to install couchbase, which again is pretty standard - for example on Debian-based distributions you need to have root privileges to run dpkg to install the .DEB file.

I’d strongly recommend sticking with the standard “root install; non-root running” configuration you get by default - it’s generally much easier in the long run.