Parent cluster object has been closed

What is parent cluster object has been closed error exactly?

The my node js application in local machine of couchbase get parent cluster object has been closed error while the same remote note js application works
I stopped firewall to ensure there is no port blocking issue

Hello @socketman2016 , although this error doesn’t give you much information the error itself means that the connection to your cluster is not established due to various many reasons (incorrect username, pwd, bucket name etc).

Why I have parent cluster object has been closed error after a while? When the server starts the operation works after a white (about 10min) operation failed with the error

Hello @socketman2016 probably your concerns are related to this ? Couchbase connection closed intermittently - Node.js SDK - #6 by 00christian00

@brett19 can you also confirm please ?

Yes , I think
How can I fix it?

@socketman2016 from the last paragraph of the last response what @brett19 is recommending is

Note that, to your point, it is possible to infer the status of a connection through the Error’s thrown from operations. That is to say that if you perform an operation and receive an error back indicating that the connection is closed but you are certain that the issue is transient, you can simply instantiate a new Cluster object. In the near future this reconnection will no longer be necessary, as the SDK will internally perform the reconnect automatically, and will additionally provide additional context to the error that is throw from the operation, indicating the reason that the connection was lost.

@brett19 any further suggestions / recommendations ?

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@brett19 Can you please reply?