Pecl install fail

I try to install php sdk for coucbase. When I do the “pecl install” command, I get this error

Any idea?

Could you post output of this command?

sudo pecl list-channels

could you increase verbosity and retry?

sudo pecl config-set verbose 3
sudo pecl install couchbase

What is you OS and pecl version?

pecl version

And check if this file is accessible from your machine:

curl -I

pecl version :

curl don’t work :sweat:

OS Version :

It’s ok for curl I forget to param my proxy :disappointed_relieved:

did you specify proxy for pecl too?

sudo pecl config-set http_proxy <PROXY_ADDRESS>

Yes I specify proxy for pecl.

Did it resolve couchbase installation issue?

No get always the same issue.

It’s ok, I also need to specify pear http_proxy.
Now when I do pecl install, it’s working except the final make which failed

could you paste output here?

When I do sudo pecl install couchbase, at the end :

you should have installed developer tools on the box to compile extension, also libcouchbase is necessary. Full steps described here:

In short, you should run these steps:

sudo rpm -iv couchbase-release-1.0-2-x86_64.rpm
sudo yum install libcouchbase-devel gcc make gcc-c++ php-devel
sudo pecl install couchbase

Here I assume you are using 64-bit CentOS and your HTTP proxy configured for tools like wget and yum.

I do those steps but I always get this make’s error.

Of course I get a 64-bit CentOS and my proxy is configured for wget and yum