Performance issue on Windows platform. Couchbase2.5.1


We’ve installed latest version (2.5.1) of Couchbase on Windows platfrom.
Our configuration is:

  1. Couchbase Server 2.5.1 Enterprise Edition 64bit
  2. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  3. Intel Xeon CPU E5-2403 @1.80Ghz RAM 16GB
  4. One couchbase databucket created
  5. Database is empty

The CPU usage is very high (we monitored memcached.exe, erl.exe, sigar_port.exe). We found out simiral posts on this issue Is it common behavior? How can we deal wtih it?



Hi there Mariya, A few questions.

  • Could you elaborate on what you consider very high for CPU utilization.
  • Does empty database mean you also have no workload hitting couchbase - so ops/sec is 0?

There is some level of ‘polling’ that happen across processes so even under no load we do consume some amount of CPU but like to understand more before we open an issue on this.



  1. In average we have 30% of CPU usage, but sometimes we notice spikes up to 80%.
  2. Yes, ops/sec is 0



Hi Mariya,
could you do a cbcollecinfo on one of the nodes that is having these spikes and share that with me?


I’ve sent you logs for investigation.



Thanks for the logs. I will take a look at the logs today and post back my thoughts.


I am also having the same issue as Mariya. Were you able to figure out what is going on and how to resolve it.


Could I ask you to try 3.0.1. We have a community edition that came out recently for windows and there are a few fixes there.
However I want to repeat that we do take up CPU on an empty system due to the fact that things like stats collection and polling continues to happen. the overhead does not increase as much as you up the load so recommend you look at the system under load.


I’ve been dealing with this same issue on my dev machine, my current one and my old one. I have the latest community edition and the problem remains. sigar_port.exe is always consuming 20-25% CPU with nothing hitting it. I saw reports of this from 2013 and this problem still remains.I have one bucket, a 256MB memcached bucket. I’ve had this problem for at least a couple years now. Memory isn’t an issue, just the constant CPU usage. I have 3.0.1 currently installed. 64-bit version on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Edit: I’m gonna move on to something else. The constant CPU usage is noticeable and there’s clearly no interest in it being fixed. Who would want 20-25% CPU wasted in production before even hitting the cache?