Periodical backup to S3


I’m looking for a way to backup, daily, differentially, CBDB docs and upload them for same keeping to S3.

I’m familiar with:
./cbbackup $server1 c:/backups -u $uid -p $pwd

Is there a recommended tool for running this daily, remotely and optionally uploading (or downloading) the backup files.
Setting up a backup program on the cluster is, IMHO, less desirable as servers come and go.



The Enterprise release of Couchbase Server 3.0 supports differential backups via the cbbackup utility. You can use the “–mode diff” option during your daily backup to only output the changes made since the previous backup.

S3cmd on Linux or S3Express on Windows are simple command line tools that can be used to sync the cbbackup output directory to an S3 bucket.

To accomplish what you’ve described, the simplest solution would be to create a cron or scheduled task to execute a backup and sync daily. The backup script would look something like this:

./cbbackup $server1 c:/backups -u $uid -p $pwd -m diff
S3Express “put c:\backups* $bucket -onlydiff” -h

The backup script doesn’t need to be run from a cluster node. If you have dedicated backup servers, you could simply run it from there.

Thanks @dproctor,

I wasn’t aware of S3Express.
Can you recommend an easy way to create a scheduled task on a windows server ?

I guess there is no way to start cbbackup remotely, let’s say from a localhost in the same cluster’s VPN ?

When you say dedicated backup servers, do you mean replicas in the same cluster ?

I never succeeded in understanding how much the Enterprise release costs. Can you share a link ?


Windows Server ships with a task scheduler.

When I say backup server, I am referring to some server that is not part of your Couchbase cluster on which you store and manage backups. This could be any server and it will be able to grab a backup from a remote Couchbase cluster so long as it can access the cluster’s REST API. This may require having it be configured to connect to the remote VPN depending on your network configuration.

As for Enterprise pricing, you can request more information on that here:


Diverting from the initial question, how far can I get using only the free community server ?

You’d be able to get everything except the differential backups using the Community edition. Instead of differential backups, each backup set would be a full backup that could be synced to S3 when complete.

And with respect to other CB capabilities, what is the glass ceiling ?
Is enterprise only about support and earlier new features ?

You will not get the bug fixes with the community version, it is what it is; blemishes and all.

There are also some security and other enterprise features not in community.

Is the community version eventually stable ? meaning that bug fixes are eventually applied, one version behind, or never applied and bugs just accumulate there ?
How is responsible for the community version and how is responsible to the enterprise version ?
I’m sorry about those basic questions, it is just that the information is hard to find.


Hi @itay, we do release the community version regularly. It just runs behind enterprise edition at this point by a few months. We make an exception to this rule with major versions; 3.0 was released at the same time for community and enterprise.
I’ll make sure to document this more clearly but the basic policy is here:
There are a few feature differences between the edition as well. you can find my posting here on this. Couchbase community vs enterprise features comparison

Hi Cihan,
I’m honored to be answered by you :blush:

I somehow thought that the community version is maintained by the community. I understand that both versions are released by a company called CouchBase.

The only indication regarding pricing is that it starts with $3000. Why is it so vague ?
Committing to a new database requires enormous effort, so it is important to know exactly what one is getting into.


Thank and happy new year @itay; I am very happy that you are evaluating couchbase. :smile:

Couchbase Server is open source so we do take contributions but ultimately community edition is something we build and maintain. Even though Enterprise edition has a few additional features, the remaining behavior between enterprise and community edition are for the same version number. That way we ensure anyone can transfer from one to the other without difficulty.

For pricing, we get sales involved to help out price your configuration. The following page lists a few of the components that impact pricing. Simply click the request pricing button at the top or I can get someone from the team to reach out and discuss the options with you:

Thanks and a happy new year

One other thing about the Couchbase sales process. It is not just “here’s the invoice”. Solutions Engineers/Architects help along the way on such things as is this even a good use case for Couchbase, sizing your production clusters, answering questions, bounce ideas off of, etc. We want to make sure you will succeed. I just wanted to make sure that is clear.

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Want to automate the database back up process in a periodic manner .
Could you please help me how can we achieve this?

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