Persistent read error - "Indexer rollback from - cause: Indexer rollback from"



Yesterday, I reached a state in couchbase where I could successfully save to the bucket, but I could not query the bucket. Unfortunately I don’t know how to recreate this, and the problem has now resolved itself. But I would like any info on how to properly deal with this in the future, if it comes up again.


  • Saving programatically to the bucket was successful
  • Any query on the bucket produced an error:

“code”: 5000,
“msg”: “Indexer rollback from - cause: Indexer rollback from”,
“query_from_user”: “select * from default”

  • This problem continued to happen after flushing the bucket, deleting the bucket and adding a new bucket, stopping & starting the couchbase server multiple times, and restarting my computer.

  • I was able to drop the index of the bucket, but it would hang if I tried to create the index again. All new buckets I created seemed to have the index already created - I would receive an error (“Index #primary already exists”) when running CREATE PRIMARY INDEX ON 'bucketName' with a new bucket.

  • After stopping & starting the couchbase server for probably the 5th time, the problem resolved itself. I don’t know if it was specifically the restart that fixed the problem.

Does anyone have any information about how I may have gotten into this state, and how to resolve this issue predictably in the future?