PHP N1QL query returns NULL


I originally had this question on the N1QL SDK Forum but I this its more of a PHP issue.

I have been able to connect the the cbq-engine via cbq cli tool and perform all types of queries. Its really cool. However when I try to use an sdk to to the same thing I see nothing but NULL as a result from the query.

Here is the sample code in php:
try {
$cb = new CouchbaseCluster($COUCHBASE_SERVER,’’,’’);
$bucket = $cb->openBucket($BUCKET,’’);
$query = CouchbaseN1qlQuery::fromString($SQL);
$res = $bucket->query($query);
}catch(CouchbaseException $e){

I have PHP SDK 2.0.3 and N1QL DP4 all running on ubuntu 14.04

Please help.

Thanks Much

Connection to Couchbase Server N1QL query returns NULL


The PHP SDK does not currently support N1QL DP4. A release is expected on the first Tuesday of February to add support for the latest iteration of the N1QL DP.

Cheers, Brett


Thanks Brett,

I dug through the code and see it’s making a REST call with CURL.
Easy to use that until the sdk is ready to go.




Hi Brett,

when do you plan to implement the new scan_consistency param? I’ve seen that it’s already supported in the java sdk.



Hey willewolle,

This ticket is tracking the implementation of that feature. I have scheduled to have it in the release next Tuesday!

Cheers, Brett