Please Guide me to Start Develop in Couchbase technology


hi , I don’t understand channel Concept . please Guide me to understand and develop with couchbase lite and java sdk .
Thank you



The channel concept is implemented in the sync Gateway product, there is online documentation here, here, there is a section on data routing with channels

Your Couchbase Lite client will interact with Sync Gateway via its REST API, you can not use the Couchbase Java SDK to interact with Sync Gateway.



thank you , Please Guide me in Sync Gateway tuning with create database and Sync Function in Confige File Sample , because I’m Confusing in User,Role and Channeling access.



I would recommend looking at the mini-hacks github repo to start. That covers the key concepts, provides client code examples and there is a ‘channels-users-roles’ example Sync Gateway configuration provided as part of the project.