Point in time restore


Hi All,

One query which I couldn’t figure out is follows…

Is there any option of Point in Time recovery on Couchbase.

If there is any disaster at 10th minute post to my last periodic backup, only solution I see is to restore from latest backup snapshot, but how about the last 10 minutes data which is not part of last snapshot ?

Am I loosing it completely or Is there any option to restore that as well ?




As far as I know, Point-in-time recovery is not fully supported yet and it is planned to be released soon, but you can still rollback to a specific day using the parameter --to-date (https://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/current/cli/cbrestore-tool.html#cdbrestore-tool)

You can also use XDCR to create a hot standby cluster and redirect the traffic to it in case something bad happens.


This post is a year old and I’m wondering if there has been any progress with Point-in-Time recovery?