Problem recreating Swift Grocery-Sync-iOS

To check my understanding of CBL project setup for Swift, I am trying to “recreate” the Swift version of the Grocery-Sync-iOS project. (It would be lovely to have a Swift version of Building your first Couchbase Lite iOS app.)

I am getting build errors with symbols that obviously should be defined, such as:

  • CBLDatabase
  • CBLManager
  • CBLReplication

Here’s what I did to recreate the project (I think):

  • Create a new 1-window iOS app in Xcode
  • Copy everything from Grocery-Sync’s DemoAppDelegate.swift to the new project’s AppDelegate.swift
  • Copy everything from Grocery-Sync’s RootViewController.swift to the new project’s ViewController.swift
  • Copied Grocery-Sync’s Utilities.Swift to my project’s source folder and added it to the project
  • Added CouchbaseLite.framework and CouchbaseLiteListener.framework to the project
  • Followed the instructions for Creating a New Project on the CBL site’s tutorial to change the Other Linker Flags to -ObjC in Build Settings and added the 5 frameworks listed in the documentation to the Build Phases Link Binary with Libraries
  • My project is called cb1, so I (manually) created a cb1-Bridging-Header.h that contains
    #import <CouchbaseLite/CouchbaseLite.h>

Then I build, and get a slew of failures due to undefined symbols such as the ones listed at the beginning of post.

I can’t follow the tutorial past that, because I’m working in Swift. (I did, however, go through the tutorial in Objective-C first.) What am I missing? The Grocery-Sync project builds, but mine doesn’t. Obviously I’ve omitted a necessary step.

I would think this post and, hopefully, responses with a solution will be of interest to anyone trying to build their first Swift CBL app.


Did you mean to post in the Server category? Seems like this should go under Mobile.

Thanks for highlighting the interest in Swift samples. Sorry I can’t give an estimate of when more will come out.


Whoops. Yes. CBL. I had also been working with the Server, so I guess I got confused. I’ll repost there.