Problems in couchbase c sdk


I want to connect to couchbase which address is
It is a web url

but never success ,what should I sign connstr?

this is my code:
struct lcb_create_st cropts;
cropts.version = 3;
cropts.v.v3.connstr = “”;

I may express clearly = =


Can you show your actual code?

Btw, you most probably just need to pass in the hostname. Check out:

cropts.v.v3.connstr = "couchbase://";

and here, default is the bucketname.


Thanks a lot!
Btw, when I wanna access data by administrator’s identity ,the type field must be LCB_TYPE_CLUSTER?
And are user field and passwd field necessary?


I’ll defer to @mnunberg or @avsej for that question, I’m not a C guy :smile:


:smile: Any way, thank you!