Proper use of syncgw @k8s with statefullset



Hello. We are experiencing some issue with our deployment of syncgw statefull set @k8s cluster.
What is the best practise for scaling syncgw @ k8s?
We have k8s service above statefullset of 2 replicas od syncgw and experiencing random cache issues.
Documentation is giving information about need of sending communication from balancer to all replicas at once. Dunno if this is even possible @ k8s, maybe via ingress (nginx).
Problem is also with calling _compact on syncgw via balancer. It is purging tombstone from replica selected by balancer, but other replicas stays intact.
Our configs:


Please refer to our blog and tutorial on how to set up Couchbase Sync Gateway cluster fronted by a load balancer on k8s.


OK, thank you. I’ll give it a try.