Purging via sync gateway deletes documents. But they come back when sync gateway restarted



I am trying to delete documents created in sync gateway( and by deleting I mean removing them physically also from sync gateway bucket). For this I used the _pruge provided here. But the issue is that when I purge documents I can see documents physically deleted also but as soon as I restart sync gateway those documents come back in the sync gateway bucket. Seems like sync gateway is having documents in its memory which I cannot delete from its memory so when it is restarted all documents come back again



Do you have any active Couchbase Lite clients replicating to your sync gateway instance, it’s possible that they are pushing the document back up to Sync Gateway after a restart.


My Bad. I had bucket shadowing which caused this problem but now after removing that I still am getting the below error in sync gateway terminal

2016-05-11T18:42:51.445+05:30 HTTP:  #003: POST /sync_gateway/_purge  (ADMIN)
2016-05-11T18:42:51.446+05:30 CRUD: purging document = Yagyank_doc1
2016-05-11T18:42:51.669+05:30 WARNING: changeCache: Error unmarshaling doc "Yagyank_doc1": unexpected end of JSON input -- db.(*changeCache).DocChanged.func1() at change_cache.go:327