Q: about empty document body

I find many documents with an empty body in the web console.
like below:

the document only has ID and empty document, and document metadata indication the document deleted status is 1.
I know this document is deleted via lite and sync to the server, keep it for other devices to sync.
but if those documents are overdue, will couchbase server automatic clean it? and how I manually remove it from server’s data?

I’m not an expert on the server side, but I believe Couchbase Server cleans up deleted document “tombstones” after about a week(?).

hi, @jens:

thanks for your reply. is your means the document with an empty body is the “tombstones”? and the document always sync with couchbase lite before they clean up?
are those document with an empty body is deleted from couchbase lite and sync to server?


A document whose metadata says it’s deleted is a tombstone. The body is almost always empty, though it doesn’t have to be.

I think the answer to your other questions is “yes”, if I’m understanding you correctly.

The management of tombstones varies depending on whether you have shared-bucket-access (use of XAttrs) enabled or not. Please read this document that discusses the various cases.

@jens @priya.rajagopal

  thanks for your reply.