Query over Serializable objects with C++


Sorry, I am new in Couchbase and programming too. I am using Couchbase Server 3.0.1 and Visual Studio 2010 C++.
I have stored in a key serialized objects. How can I parse these items and use them again in a different project?


The C SDK doesn’t do automatic serialization and deserialization. You would need to serialize your data to a buffer and pass it to the library when storing items, and you would need to pass the buffer returned by the library (via the callback) to your deserialization function when retrieving items.


Thanks for your reply.

If I want to use the stored data (after the deserialization) in later funtion do I need to create views? Or I can do it only via callback functions?

Sorry for my questions! :smile:


I’m not entirely sure what your question is


I don’t want to print the data only but I would also like to extract and insert them in different functions. How can I do it? I would appreciate if you had an example to work on it firstly.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my questions which are not so clear! :blush:


The buffer received by the callback must be copied if you want to use it afterwards. Does this answer your question?


Yes! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: