Query taking more than 40 sec to fecth result

Hi ,
Below query is taking more time instead of indexes.Please suggest indexes or any change in query

SELECT META(m).id, m.sch_name AS name 
FROM `bucket` AS m 
UNNEST m.pri_sch_ref AS r WHERE m.dtype = "mprisch" 
AND r  IN( SELECT  RAW META(a).id FROM `bucket' AS a UNNEST a.prod_prof AS p UNNEST p.fee_prof AS f UNNEST f.spl_fee AS s WHERE a.dtype = "prisch"
AND (f.fee_sch = "46" OR s.fee_sch = "46") ) 
CREATE INDEX ix1 ON bucket(sch_name, pri_sch_ref) WHERE type = "mprisch";
SELECT META(m).id, m.sch_name AS name
FROM bucket AS m JOIN bucket AS a ON KEYS m.pri_sch_ref
WHERE m.dtype = "mprisch" AND m.sch_name IS NOT NULL AND
      ANY p IN a.prod_prof SATISFIES ( ANY f IN p.fee_prof
                                       SATISFIES f.fee_sch = "46" OR "46" IN f.spl_fee[*].fee_sch
ORDER BY m.sch_name;