Query taking too long

I have 35 million records in couch base and I am querying using following query -

SELECT TestBucket1.* FROM TestBucket1 WHERE type=“individual” ORDER BY META().id OFFSET :offset LIMIT 10000;

where offset will increase by 10000 every time new query fires .
But above query is taking long time and keeps on executing .
I have also created indexes on META().id as well as on type , still no improvements .
What can be other ways to execute same ?

You must use keyset pagination https://blog.couchbase.com/offset-keyset-pagination-n1ql-query-couchbase/

CREATE INDEX ix1 ON TestBucket1 (META().id) WHERE type = "individual";
SELECT  MTEA(t).id AS id, t.*  
FROM WHERE t.type = "individual" AND META(t).id > $id 
LIMIT 1000;

start $id = “”
next time give the last id from previous select