Ram and Data usage for Couchbase Server 4.5 Mac OS vs Linux

Hi there,

I’m trying to track down an issue where a query seems to take a long time. While investigating the issue I noticed that I was unable to replicate the problem on my Mac whereas the reporters of the issue were using Linux. I then noticed that there seems to be a big resource discrepancy between MacOS and Linux. Here are 3 screenshots of a bucket we are using that are running on Linux servers:

Here are 2 screenshots of a bucket running on MacOS servers:

I realize this is anecdotal and a super small sample size, but it looks like the usage on Linux is quite a bit higher than MacOS. This would help to explain what we’re seeing with the original query issue I’m looking into.

Has this higher usage on Linux systems been seen before?

The major difference is that Linux partitions a Bucket into 1024 vBuckets; whereas macOS partitions into 64. This has a noticeable affect on the per-Bucket overhead, especially when you have few (<1 million) items in a Bucket.

The reason for this is simply that macOS isn’t supported for production (it’s a development-only platform), and hence users will rarely use more than one node. The number of vBuckets essentially defines the maximum number of nodes a cluster can support (data is distributed across in whole vBuckets).

Sounds good, thanks!!