Range query on all documents of a bucket without creating a custom view



I am wondering if it is possible, through the Java SDK 2.x and Couchbase Server 3, to get all document keys in a given range, exactly like a ViewQuery would allow us to, but without creating a view. Why? because when I create a simple view on document keys, I feel like I am creating an primary index, and that index probably already exists somewhere. A few hints seem to convince me about the fact that it already exists :

My question is : is there a way to get all document ids of a bucket (in a given range, or even unsorted), asynchronously, through the Java SDK, without creating an extra view.

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Short answer, no there isn’t, although you could use N1QL to do that.
Other “hacks” or non-documented ways you come around may well work in version X.0 and disappear in version X.1… For instance in 3.0, an unsupported REST endpoint that would previously allow you to get a document by ID went the way of the dodo.