RAW documents with transactions


We are working with Couchbase 7.0 Beta using scala-client - 1.1.3 and couchbase-transactions - 1.1.6.
We have a use case, where we have to store files (Images and PDFs) in the Couchbase database.
These are saved in a RAW format (using RawBinaryTranscoder).

In some cases we would like to include these operations in a transaction.
Unfortunately we could not find a way to do this.
In the Java/Scala SDK we could specify the transcoder, but this is not possible with the transactions API.

Is there anyway to include RAW documents in transactions? Is there any future plan to support this?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi @horvath-martin
Transactions support JSON documents only, there is no-built in support for raw/binary documents. It is not currently on the roadmap either, but, never say never! Community feedback like this helps us know where to expand our featureset in the future.
As a workaround for now, is it possible for you to say encode the binary document into JSON, e.g. with base64?