Rbac details using java sdl

I am using Couchbase Capella and setting user-level access control on my buckets and scopes. I want to know my permission level on the bucket and scopes for the user using Java SDK. I am not able to find it in the documentation. If anyone knows please help. I am using java 3.2 sdk

Hi @gourav
We have some documentation here for the Java SDK on how to fetch user permissions and roles, I hope that helps.

I want to get the detail for my user if it has Read, Write, or Read-Write access on bucket or scopes as we configure on Capella UI. But the above document only tells me which user roles details and if that role has bucket scope or collection

I am attaching a screen shot

The underlying Couchbase Cluster has a more fine-grained set of permissions than you directly see with Couchbase Capella’s Read, Write, Read-Write. So what you see from the SDK will be a bit more detailed.

@jgiffard or @matt.carabine may be able to help here. Is there a set of documentation that shows what Couchbase Capella permissions assign which roles?

It will be a great help you can point me to. right documentation

I have found a bug in couchbase Capella. When setting permission level at scope level for a user. It forcefully adds All bucket read/write permission

Hey @gourav, I’ve pinged some folks to have a look here.

With the issue you’re seeing on Capella, I think the best way to report that is the in-Capella-UI feedback. That way it’ll be tracked to resolution, where forums are great for discussion. If you’ve not yet reported it there, could you?

Hello @gourav

Sorry for the issue seen within the Capella UI. Could you please open a ticket so that we can investigate the issue in-house?

I have quickly tried to replicate the behavior and could successfully reproduce the issue.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Sure Harshini,

I will open a ticket regarding the same.