Re-pull all documents from server


I have a scenario in which a person logs in the app on the device and they belong to certain channels and then they log off and another person logs on. It is not pulling from the database. I understand why – because the documents have not been changed on the server but if I change a document on the server then the document refreshes to the mobile device just fine.

So, my question is: how can I do a “manual/forced” refresh/sync to pull all documents to the device?

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I forgot to add. When the app loads I am purging any documents that do not belong to the currently logged in user because several different people could log on to this device and I guess the database would keep growing otherwise. So, I am sort of cleaning house when a new user logs on but if that user happens to log in again I want it to pull all documents that user belongs to.


You should use a separate database for each user that logs in.


@jens You mean separate bucket?


I mean a separate Couchbase Lite database.