Reconnection of client after node wake up


I’m studying the following scenario: while get/set operations to Couchbase I shutting down node(power off on virtual machine). After that, I power on the machine and waiting for Couchbase node recovery. When node’s status changing to “healthy” I expect that client reconnect and get/set operations continues. But sometimes reconnection of client occurs immediately, sometime doesn’t occur within a few minutes.

So my question is:
Are there some configuration on server side, or on client side that guarantee a wholly reconnection of client?

I use JavaSDK.

Client stops trying to establish connection after this exception:

Exception in thread “Thread-122” java.lang.IllegalStateException: Got empty SASL auth mech list.
11:59:25,731 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-122) at net.spy.memcached.auth.AuthThread.listSupportedSASLMechanisms(
11:59:25,731 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-122) at

But I can’t understand, why this exception happens so irregularly.



this is a bug and will be fixed in the next bugfix release (1.2.2), which will come out in the first week of november!


The bug related to this issue is: