Remote backup with cbbackmgr 4.5

I am able to backup if I run cbbackmgr in one of the data nodes.

I would like run cbbackmgr in a machine other than the nodes within the couchbase cluster.

So far I am able to query data in the cb.
curl -v http://userid:passwd@ipaddress:8093/query/service -d ‘statement=SELECT * FROM system:indexes WHERE name=“index1”’

I would like to do some thing similar with
cbbackupmgr backup

Or any other optimal way of doing remove backup…


@dproctor, could you please shed some lights into this?

By default cbbackupmgr will be configured to back up your index definitions. If you only want your global secondary index definitions backed up however you can configure a backup repository with the command below.

./cbbackupmgr config --archive /tmp/backup --repo indexes --disable-data --disable-view-indexes --disable-ft-indexes --disable-bucket-config

This will create a backup repository that only backups up global secondary indexes and is similar to the curl command you are using above. Each time you make changes to your indexes you can run the backup command in order to backup the latest changes.

./cbbackupmgr backup --archive /tmp/bacup --repo indexes --host --username --password